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I’m Jamie Perkins. Software engineer, bootstrapper and dedicated dad.

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Podfan is a private podcasting platform I bootstrapped and launched in 2019. Podcasts can accept recurring donations and offer paid podcasts with 1-click subscribe for listeners. I sold the project on Microns in 2021. It has since been redesigned by the new owner. Visit Podfan


Podmap was an open-source project I created in 2018 with the goal of mapping the world's podcasts, and at the same time create awareness of Podfan. Anyone could submit their podcast and I manually approved each one. The project mapped over 3200 podcasts from all over the world. Visit Podmap

Ghost AR

I built Ghost AR for iOS in the summer of 2017 when ARKit was first released. It lets you discover live-action ghosts in your environment and snap photos of them. It was a fun way to experiment with ARKit. Visit Ghost AR


Mapover lets you overlay 2 locations using minimalistic maps. Not only does it create interesting visuals, but it provides an often surprising size comparison. Visit Mapover


Tung was the first social podcast app for iOS, which I launched in 2016. Not only a podcast player, it was a discovery engine with a social feed where users could recommend episodes, and share timestamped comments and audio clips from podcasts. Visit Tung

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