A social podcast player

Tung App


Tung helps you discover podcasts by sharing comments, clips, and recommendations with your friends.

Tung for iOS is the full experience, and tung.fm on your browser has a more limited experience. An Android version is planned.

Tung is a streaming podcast player designed to help you discover the best podcasts - the ones recommended by your peers and friends! With Tung you get a feed of what your friends are recommending, commenting on and sharing clips of.

While listening to a podcast, you can easily make an audio clip of any moment you find interesting and share it directly to Twitter and Facebook. And in the feed you can listen to clips your friends made of the most interesting or funny moments in a podcast.

You can also comment on podcasts, and even @mention friends so they get notified. Comments are timestamped so you can comment on a specific moment in a podcast.

Tung gives you an interactive episode description with clickable links that you can view without leaving the app. Podcasters can add links and images without any special tools, just by including html tags in the episode description.

Tung remembers your progress in an episode so that when you jump between episodes of a podcast, you won't lose your place. Tung also offers the ability to change playback speed. You can optionally download episodes for offline playback. Never worry about running out of storage on your phone again - episodes automatically delete after one month.

Tung makes it possible to engage with podcasts and discover new podcasts like never before. Available for FREE in the App Store.