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Let’s leave banning things to the CCP

February 3, 2023

Recently several Democratic senators joined with several Republicans in requesting Google and Apple ban Tik Tok from their app stores. They claim it could be "weaponized". In doing so, these politicians seek to employ the same censorship tactics of the very government it's trying to protect us from.

Yes, Tik Tok answers to the CCP, but it doesn't drive their bottom line. All US tech companies answer to the US govt as well. They comply with many requests from the govt; that does not make them bad.

Also I fail to see how mindless shorts will manipulate the masses. But I'd love to hear someone pitch it to me! The main thing here is that people are proposing censorship. That is archaic and un-American, I won't abide by it.

If app stores employ bans at the behest of the government, people will opt to use the internet instead. Bye, app stores.


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