Inorganik Produce is digital design and development; specializing in mobile and iOS.

Crowd Bio

Crowd Bio is a twitter app - a social tagging experiment I built that never took hold. The idea was that people could tag other twitter users on the site, making them searchable by what they tweet about, and also creating a crowd-sourced bio. Visit crowdbio.com

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Masterpiece Deli

Designed by the uber-talented Jorge Lamora, I developed this WordPress theme with lots of customizations and flexibility to accomodate a constantly changing menu. Visit MasterpieceDeli.com

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Brand Degenerator

While at Ubiquity, I developed this app to engage trade show goers in a fun way. It allowed them to create their very own clichéd logo and send it to themselves, along with a message about the virtues of hiring professionals. View screen samples

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New Health Sciences

While at Ubiquity, I developed this WordPress site with responsive design. Click to visit

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TPE app

While at Ubiquity, I designed and developed these calculator apps for determining volume exchange & treatment time or filtration fraction & post-filter hematocrit during Therapeautic Plasma Exchange. View screen samples.

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Pathfinder app

While at Ubiquity, I developed this webkit-optimized html5 web app that uses CSS3 animations, jQuery mobile, and local storage to demonstrate Gambro’s line of dialysis solutions. Click to try

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Mixtool is a web app I created for arranging tracks in a DJ set. It uses the circle of fifths and based on the keys of the tracks finds the arrangement with the most harmonic mixes. Click to visit.

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Ubiquity Group 3.0

While at Ubiquity, the direction given when I redesigned the company’s site was to make it cleaner. The new site has a minimalist feel, but still retains style. Click to visit.

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Green Means You Touchscreen

I developed this all html/jquery touchscreen for WhiteWave for ExpoWest. The project also featured a shopping cart and information request form. View screen samples

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While at Ubiquity, I redesigned this site with responsive design and a totally custom built CMS, including live, interactive metrics on the admin side with zingchart. Click to visit.

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CRRT Spectrum

While at Ubiquity, I created and executed this “spectrum” concept. It was used in touchscreens, ads, booth graphics and more. Click to view samples.

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A pet-project of mine. The idea: to collect and rate all the single-topic blogs out there. Created a Twitter app to auto-tweet new additions. Click to visit.

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Las Almas Perdidas

A T-shirt design I entered in Indyink’s 2008 Plastisol Free-4-All T-shirt contest. Check it out.

Las Almas Perdidas  d

A flash project I did while working at a big corporate homebuilder to make fun of their sub-division names. Try it out.

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Speak Easy logo

A logo I did for a friend’s startup. Check it out.

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Brand Degenerator

Degenerator 1
Degenerator 2

TPE app


WhiteWave “Green Means You” hi-def 1920x1080 Touchscreen

Green Means You Touchscreen
Green Means You Touchscreen
Green Means You Touchscreen
Green Means You Touchscreen
Green Means You Touchscreen
Green Means You Touchscreen

Spectrum Concept


1920x1080 hi-def Touchscreen Home Screen Try it »


1920x1080 hi-def Touchscreen Events Screen Try it »


Spectrum Booth Graphic


Spectrum Eblast

Las Almas Perdidas T-shirt design

Las Almas Perdidas

SpeakEasy logo

Speak Easy logo